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The story of Noah and the flood can be read in Genesis chapters 6 to 8 and tells how the whole world was flooded and how Noah and his family survived through the grace of God and their obedience to Him by building a huge ark. For the purposes of this study we shall just look at the first part of chapter 6.

Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 to 4 are particularly interesting and almost never explained. They read as follows: "When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown."

There are testimonies today of sane people who claim that they were abducted by aliens and forced to have sex with a female of their apparent species. Many have ridiculed such testimonies but in fact they are completely true, what is happening now is only what happened in the days of Noah, fallen angels making human hybrids by mixing human seed with animal seed.

You have heard in Greek mythology about Pegasus, half man, half horse, it could well be true. In the 20th century scientists have mixed some human seed with animal seed and produced such things as a mouse that has grown a human ear on its back. The reason such research is being pursued is not because they want something that will cure all ills, it is the work of the enemy who is coercing scientists that they can become like God themselves.

This is only the temptation that the enemy gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden so it is nothing new. In the days of Noah fallen angels were mixing seed and DNA from animals and humans thus producing the mythological creatures with read of in Greek literature. Hercules was a giant and enormously strong, the skeletons of such men have been found in very many parts of the world.

In the Golan Heights in Israel there is a stone circle constructed of huge stones that have been brought from a long way away, it is rumoured that one of the giants that were around in Noah's day carried these stones and put them in place, since there was no technology at that time that could have moved such large and heavy stones the probability is that the rumour is true.

The Nethilim is the name given to these huge human like creatures, but there are other names in scripture that mean exactly the same thing. When the Israelites went into the Promised Land they had to defeat these giants and wipe them out. Once they were in there we can read the story of how David, a young shepherd boy who had been told to bring food to his brothers fighting some way away in Israel saw a giant threatening and terrifying the Israelite army so he took on the giant and cut of his head.

The name of the giant was Goliath, the name of which means one of five. He obviously had 4 brothers. Goliath would have been at least 9 feet tall, not an unusual size for a person like this in those days, since some of the skeletons found were from men at least 25 feet tall. Huge in stature though they were they were seemingly easily defeated because of their size and weight. If one fell over it would really hurt him and he would take a long time to get up.

What they were also doing is mixing the seed and the DNA of these fallen angels with the seed of men and beasts, which had the effect of changing the human DNA to be perverted and become like the DNA of these fallen angels. The whole idea was to do this so many times over that all of Judah would be like this, meaning that the prophesied coming of the Messiah through the tribe of Judah could never be fulfilled.

In several parts of the bible you read about the Israelites being ordered to wipe out completely a particular race of what appeared to be human beings, this was because their DNA had been corrupted by the method here described and were not men and women created by God at all, they were hybrids, created by fallen angels and as such not only should they not have been made but they could not become men and women of God because of their perverted DNA.

Any children they might beget would be of a similar type so all of these people had to be wiped out otherwise the whole human race would have become irredeemable if things had gone on like they were doing. There were several ways that God could have wiped out all human life on earth but the most practical one was to flood it with the waters under the earth and the waters above the earth.

The waters under the earth we still have today and are usually underground fresh water lakes but the waters above the earth were very different. Before the flood the earth is known to have had a water canopy above it so that temperatures day and night never got unbearable or humid. Many have said that if it had rained as heavy as recorded on earth for 40 days (the duration of the rain) then it could not have flooded the world, only a small part.

However, what they do not take into consideration is that the water canopy from above the earth combined with the waters coming up from under the earth and rain falling heavily from clouds in the air would most certainly have flooded the world very quickly. We know that the flood was global because fossilised fish have been found all across the earth, from the smallest valleys to the highest mountains in every country and corner of the earth.

There is only one planet remaining in the universe that has a water canopy over it today and that is and if I am correct the name of that planet is Venus. Now that we have established the fact that there was a global flooding of the earth through the waters that covered the land you may like to know what the ark looked like which Noah built and housed his whole family, his sons and their wives along with the countless number of animals that came aboard the ark.

An artistic drawing of the craft based on the length and breadth of it as described in scripture would have made it a very large boat shaped object, the biggest of its type in those days. A television programme has been broadcast claiming that the ark was in fact round, this is entirely false. You want proof? Good. In the early 1950s an aeroplane photographed a boat shaped object high up a mountain in the Araat range which is roughly south east turkey.

Many years later archaeologists went to survey the site and found that the measurements of the object were exactly as those described in scripture. With radar equipment they discovered that it had three decks just like the bible tells us, and fossilised animal droppings were found on the object itself. Investigating the history of the villages and towns round about they found that the name of the place which in Turkish means "Place of the Ark."

Further, there are documented stories of a family who were in that part of the world around 5000 years ago, the exact time of the flood story. These were a father, a mother and their three sons with their wives, just as described in scripture. There can be no doubt that this really is Noah's Ark and that the story of the flood happened just as scripture tells us it did all those years ago.

At the time of the flood the world was full of violence and ungodliness, there was mixing of DNA and human seed with fallen angels, there was genetic engineering creating unnatural animals which were never created by God at any point in time or at any place in the universe, the purpose of all this activity was to deceive the world into believing that they are humanoids from somewhere in outer space who were friendly towards our planet.

In reality nothing of the sort is true, their intention is to pervert our DND through putting a microchip under the skin of our foreheads or on the back of our hands, whereby making us irredeemable. They will tell you that they created life on earth and have been watching us for millions of years and now want to help us live together in peace and be free of disease so that mankind can once more live to the great old ages of Adam and his descendants.

Amazingly contact with these alien beings has been going on for decades, and one day man will invite them to come and put right all the things that have gone wrong on our planet, severe weather, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes etc. They will tell you that Jesus was sent by them and that it is not He who is God but one of them, but He is on a same par with Budha, Mohammed and other well known religious leaders.

If you believe in anything that they tell you then you are believing a false gospel, designed to trick you into serving their master for the rest of your life, the most famous fallen angel of them all, Lucifer, the very devil himself. He and all who follow him will be consigned to the lake of fire as described in the book of revelation, and the smoke of their torture will go up forever and ever.

If however you believe what the bible says about Jesus and what He has done and won for us through the cross then before these beings invade planet earth and enslaved the population of the world at that time, God's people will be taken up to be with The Lord forever so that they will not experience any of the terrible things that will come upon the earth as a result of their rejection of Jesus and the true gospel, and believing a false one.

God offers you life eternal guaranteed to be without suffering, sickness, sadness or death, but it can only be obtained through our faith in Him. If Jesus is not the Messiah promised by God so long ago then we believers are the most people to be pitied who ever walked the earth, however, the miracles that He has done for centuries in people's lives and the number of appearances He has made to ordinary men and women can only mean one thing.

That Jesus is who the bible says He is, that salvation is found in no other person or faith, that we cannot earn our salvation by doing good works unless it is in obedience to Jesus, and that salvation is a gift from God to all who believe the truth about Him and His only begotten Son Jesus, and is a guarantee that we shall never have to experience the cruelty of this fallen world ever again, the world will be made new and rid of sickness and death.

We shall live forever in an environment of absolute perfection, with our creator who sent Jesus to die on the cross so that we could be redeemed and has risen from the dead thus proving that His work that Father had given Him to do was completed perfectly and that now anyone who believes can be eternally reconciled to God through Him alone, not through our own efforts but through the work that He (Jesus) has done for you.

In Matthew chapter 24 verses 37 to 39 Jesus told us what it would be like in the days just before He returned to earth for His church. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Look at what is happening today, politicians are giving in to the minority and changing the legislation in order to fit in with what the people of today's society want rather than seeking to do those things that God wants, things that were illegal in the 1960s we are not aloud to question today. In the 1960s if I did not agree with your opinion we would disagree in a friendly way, now if you disagree with someone you are likely to be called a bigot.

Today if you do not agree with people's view on many issues you will be labelled with many a horrible title, such today it means that if I don't agree with you then I should be isolated rather than simply politely and friendlily disagreeing with me. This is just the sort of situation that Jesus predicted when He warned us "The world will hate you because of me."

He warned us that because they did not accept Jesus then no more will they accept His true disciples. In Britain today if you say that Jesus is the only way to salvation even if you do it in your own pulpit or say it in the street, either way you will be accused of bigotry, taken to court and find at least £1000, if you refuse to pay it you will be sent to Jail. In some countries of the world you are not allowed even to have a Christian meeting in your own home.

One clever person was stopped by the police in an far eastern country and asked where he was going. Knowing that if he said he was going to a bible study he would be arrested he simply replied: "My eldest brother has died and we are going to read His will when we get together tonight." Jesus referred to His disciples (that's all true believers) as His brothers and sisters, and the bible is a statement of His will for everyone so the person was very much right on all counts, but the policeman allowed him to proceed.

Happily when the persecution of Christians becomes worldwide we will not be around, because Jesus has promised that He will take His church (the bride of Christ) up into heaven to be with Him forever before things get that bad. If people know the truth about Jesus not just that the bible says He is the only way to salvation but are convinced from logical argument that this is the case then they will not be fooled by a false gospel.

It has never been more urgent for us to reach as many as possible with the true gospel of Jesus Christ before people fall for the great deception that Jesus said would come upon the world in these last days. If we do not reach them with the truth about Jesus, if we do not pray passionately that God would manifest His presence in these last days so that many can be rescued from what literally will be hell on earth, then who in the world will?

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