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Many people have asked the question; "Is hell a real place or is it just a state of mind? From my experience I can tell you without a doubt that it is an actual location. Let me tell you what happened to me in 1995.

While in prayer for the lost in the city I then lived in, it was as though I had been "carried away" as Ezekiel put it and actually saw hell itself. The Lord was with me the whole of the time and it was He who initiated the whole experience.

It is not accurate to say that I had a vision; it is much more accurate to say that I had an experience. The Lord told me that He was not going to leave me: He would be with me throughout but would withdraw from the sense of His presence so that I would feel and understand what those who die without coming to Christ will experience for eternity.

The first thing I felt was terrific heat, so hot that I felt sick and was convinced I would pass out, but realised I could not as I was no longer in my physical body. I still had all my five senses still intact.

Next I remembered when people had come up to me in the street or pushed a leaflet through my letterbox telling me the way of salvation, I had not thought that I might soon die in an accident or be taken through sudden illness and felt I would have plenty of time to consider these things later in life.

Then I thought of the times when people had hurt me terribly and my anger boiled up wanting to take revenge, but I was now in no position to do anything. I then thought of the times when I had hurt others, sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally, and wanted to make amends but it was too late for that now.

Next the thought of my loved ones came into my mind and I wanted so much to warn them of this terrible place of torment. No matter how much I would have liked it otherwise I had a terrible feeling of guilt that would now be with me forever. It was dreadful to realise that I was eternally unforgiven.

However, the worst experience of them all was the knowledge that God had abandoned me forever and that there was now no more hope for me, no rest from these agonies. Then God took me back to where I had been where this experience had first begun but I was now a profoundly different man.

I now knew the minimum of what the lost will experience for all eternity, abandoned by God, eternally guilty and with no way of being able to do anything about it. After this experience whenever I pray for lost souls to be saved I do it with tears since I have experienced what awaits them if they do not come to Christ before they die.

Now I will do almost anything, go anywhere in this nation to testify of how The Lord has moved so dynamically in my life and to explain how hell can be avoided. Jesus did everything necessary to ensure that nobody would ever have to go there except one thing He has left us with the ability to decide whether to accept what Jesus has done for us or reject it.

If we accept it in this life and walk in fellowship with Him we shall live with Him forever. If you are going to go to hell you do not have to make a choice, just put off receiving Jesus as your Saviour, Messiah, Lord and friend until it is too late.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I urge you to resolve to do everything you can to bring in the vast harvest of souls that is out there right now. People in this nation will die tonight having never heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ (salvation through repentance and fellowship with Jesus, not through good works), if we do not reach them then who on earth will?

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